PJA good website originates with a good user experience. A good user experience comes from an accessible and practical layout and setup. Purple Jam Designs have a passionate, creative and experienced team enabling us to work closely with you to create and maintain the final product you are aiming for. With the web constantly diversifying, our ability to adapt to these changes is vital. With lots of new technologies becoming more readily available, they are not used for the sake of it, but embraced when we deem necessary.

Taking into consideration your objectives, unique selling points, products, services and crucially your target markets we will tailor make you a bespoke website meeting all of your criteria. Whether you're a new business setting out or you are a recognised business who needs a modern twist to your current site we can help. We'll create unique design layout, make sure your website is optimised and user friendly.

Considering your objectives, USP, services and crucially your target markets we will work alongside you to design the features of your website such as the layout, font, navigation and functionality. We will communicate with you to arrange all of the specifications and then your site will go live and will be ready for public viewing. After finalising the design, it then moves into the development process. This will entail us coding the site, incorporating your feedback and the site will be edited until you are happy with the final product. The site will then be launched and our SEO campaign will be in full swing.

We will install software onto your site so you can log into and monitor the activity on your pages. You will be able to view hits on your site, current users, user location etc to track your views. We will compile this into a monthly report for you for analysis. Keeping your website up to date with the latest news and features is vital to the success of our SEO campaign. Here at Purple Jam Designs, we have many tools and hints at our fingertips to give you the best possible chance of hitting those top spots!


We are a web design company based on the South Coast of the UK, near Brighton. Purple Jam Designs tailor make our bespoke websites to your specification and using our experience we can create you a website package to meet all of your needs.